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31 Mayıs 2018
31 Mayıs 2018
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Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The beverage is the potable drinks which have thirst quenching, refreshing, stimulating and nourishing qualities. Any potable liquid which is alcoholic or non-alcoholic is known as a beverage. The beverage is mainly consumed to quench thirst, feel fresh, to compensate the loss of body fluid due to perspiration.


Non-Alcoholic beverage

Non- alcoholic beverages have become a way of life. We start with the morning tea; carried through the morning and afternoon with a cup full of coffee. Refresh ourselves with carbonated drinks at the end of dining day or at the party and finally, go to bed with a warm nourishing drink. This aspect of the person life is fully understood and propagated by hotels and restaurant. It is essential to know a little about this beverage as they add a sizeable contribution to the establishment’s profit.

Types of Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Non-Alcoholic Beverages can be broadly classified into three types as:

  1. Stimulating beverages (tea, coffee)
  2. Refreshing beverages (mineral water, syrup)
  3. Nourishing beverages (milk and malt based drinks)
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